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So I’m up at 5am waiting on my tax refund check to get direct deposited (it’s christmas!). I was just laying here browsing the web on my Tmobile G1 and thinking how far we’ve come:

#1- Remember when AOL was THE internet. If somebody told you they just had AIM or a non @aol email you wondered how they were online.

#2- Remember when the internet was so slow it was really just good for chats? For anything else you would push a button…go do something else while the page loaded….then come back.

#3- Remember when printing off lyrics and bringing them to school was cool? We used to pass lyrics around and sing them. I even had a notebook for mine.

#4- Remember Slingo? I wonder if that game is still out there somewhere….

#5- Remember when AOL used to come out with new versions and features? It was exciting like the release of the iphone!

#6- Remember chat rooms? What the hell did we have to talk about for hours.

#7- Remember when Black Planet was THE social networking website. It was the original myspace and everybody thought they were HTML programers.

#8- Remember when Napster first came out? It was this wonderful place where you could FINALLY get a free song….only the connection was slow. One song would take 1hr to download. Such a tease!

#9- Remember when every internet user was a psycho who was out to rape or kill you? Forget meeting anybody….you were nervous even to give out your last name.

#10- Remember when absolutely everything was a virus? No anti-spam software, no pop-up blockers, no nothing. Hit download and your system would crash!

FASTFORWARD BONUS: Remeber when Facebook was just for college students. Goodness I miss those days. A college education gets u into a heap of debt & a higher paying job. By the time u calculate student loan costs….it evens out to what u would make with a high school diploma.

Finally we had one perk only reserved for college students: FACEBOOK!…..but the bastards took it away.

I’m still bitter.