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This book truly marks the end of a period of darkness in my life. From here on out I’m moving upwards in life. I feel every milestone needs to be marked by some drastic event so you remember it’s a milestone…that’s what I’m doing.

Today marks a new day in my evolution.

I’m under the dryer changing my hair color to a fierce family of red’s and blondes. Then I’m off to a new stylist to get freshly twisted and styled. You didn’t expect me to take this 2007 hair into 2009 did you?! Hell no! I gotta stay flyy baby! Then I’m off to get a pedicure with my sister Tonya…gotta get the feet right for the new year!! Lastly, I’ll be getting a west african adinkra symbol meaning: Wisdom, Creativity & The Complexities of Life. That tat will go behind my right ear so it can be close to my thoughts. It will be the final indication of the evolved me.

In my youth I was Jazzy.
In my teens I was Jasmine.
As a young adult, I am Jaz.

The evolution is never complete!