On account of my Haunted Vagina,
I pretty much quit writing poetry and spoken word pieces
My long time friend (elementary school ya’ll) needed help with her talent for the
Miss Black & Gold pageant taking place at the University of Kansas
so I told that ghost to get the hell out!
This is the result…

“The State of Black Women”

Phenomenal like Maya Angelou phenomenal
I’m Phenomenal

Phenomenal like I’m one of those rare women who recognize that I have generations of ingenuity, persistence, determination, and the resilience of those who’ve gone before me – running through my veins

I’m Phenomenal

I respect that women have already paved the way and all I have to do is walk straight.
I have sense enough not to deviate.

I’m trying to tell ya’ll – I’m Phenomenal

Phenomenal women set the standard

We are the standard
We over achieve the standard
We make the mold of the well-rounded woman then break it so that we ourselves can become the upgraded version

We are the prototype of the desired friend, sister, wife, confidant, scholar, athlete, corporate woman, entrepreneur, entertainer, and leader

We are second to none
Surpassed by none
And by the time anyone comes remotely close to outshining us…
Their bulb has already gone dim


But where are we?

I mean,
I’m phenomenal and I know you see me
But ME aint WE
Where have all the phenomenal women gone?

Black women like to complain about Black men not being men

Let’s see…
Down Low
Dead before twenty-three

Sounds like an endangered species to me

Do these over analyzing women ever take the time to evaluate their own diminished numbers of phenomenalisim?

I think not.

They strip themselves of the title every time they drop it like it’s hot to a jam that refers to them as…Well…I don’t need to go there
My message is typical.

But if it’s so typical, why is it that there has only been one nationally publicized stand?

It took place when Spelman banned Nelly

Did you even hear about it?
Did you even care?

(We Failed)

By not recognizing our beauty and self-worth, we’ve allowed outside sources to define it for us.
Instead of building each other up – we knock each other down
Instead of getting love from our sistahs – We choose to self-destruct as we seek to fill voids

We become groupies or waste deep in debt as we search for solace in material possessions.
We ditch our pinstripe suits for outfits so skimpy we make hairless chihuahuas look furry.
All in an attempt to attract a man to fill the void of an absent father.

We’ve got to do better

We let ’em Raw Dawg and end up with babies.
“It’s No Fun If His Friend Can’t Have Sum!”
So we end up on Maury
Got five men on stage, convinced the sixth just gotta be it
“Yea, I know he’s it.”

Baby got the same curve in the pinky toe
And if you squint your right eye
And stand on one leg
And lean to the left
I’d be DAMMED if they don’t look the same!

I’m sayin…

Where have all the phenomenal women gone?
Where are the women of the 90s who were so independent, they refused to support a man who couldn’t do the same?
When did women stop learning how to be women and think just cuz they got that good good and can throw down on a box of Hamburger Helper, they deserve to be wifey?

What qualified these underqualiied women to insist there are no good men worthy of marrying, when they didn’t check themselves in the mirror?

What are you bringing to the table?

What happened to class and elegance?

When did we become so jaded that issues like domestic violence failed to evoke emotions and a deep desire within us to change?

It’s not the Black man that’s endangered.
It’s us.
This is the State of the Black Woman
This is what we have come to be
As for me…
I’m phenomenal

-Jasmine D. Taylor (Jaz)

For my sis Brittany Ersery. Love you girl!