For over a year I’ve been putting up with this Cingular 3125 that Nielsen Media Research provided free phone service for as a thank you for participating in one of their panels. The panel ended and it’s time for Her Royal Flyyness to get back on her ding! Thanks to my BFF, I was able to get the new T-Mobile G1. So far: I love it.

Yea it’s ugly, bulky, and heavy. The Android software fully makes up for it. Besides its appearance, flat keys, and quickness to time out when you are on a call, it’s a hit!

I’m not sure what I love most about it. Maybe it’s the touch screen that makes me curious as to how I ever lived without it. Perhaps it’s the loud speaker system that blasts the streaming radio, my songs, and my ring tones. I must say, this phone has knock. I’m not sure if it’s the wonderfully clear camera, the free applications, or the incorporation of Google. Whatever it is, I’m in love.

This phone will not only come in handy during times of boredom where I can play games, watch youtube videos, IM, listen to music, or just surf the net. This phone is also going to save me time. The biggest advantage is the fact that I can use google maps and get directions. If my phone ever gets lost/stolen I can use the GPS to locate it. Best of all, I can finally find my car in a parking lot after a day of shopping!

I anticipate big things from the G1. The Android operating system is a true game changer. I put this in the category of the Sidekick Color. This is a great start that I fully expect T-mobile to improve upon in years coming. I’m looking forward to seeing the applications that developers are going to add to the Marketplace.

My iPod Touch comes in the mail next week so I’ll be able to compare the two seeing as the iPod Touch and iPhone are very similar. I already know the iPhone is slimmer, sexier, and the touch screen does more. We’ll see what the other differences are. I have the strange feeling that it’s going to be like comparing apples to oranges. I also don’t know how good of a comparison it will be seing as I am fully in love with Apple products. Only time will tell..