I’m emotionally frozen. My President of the United States of America is Black. I really don’t know what to say, but we made it. After being brought over to a country against our will. Being strategically separated by language. Enduring over 300 years of slavery. Living through racist Jim Crow. Being seen as the lowest version of humans…we weren’t even seen as actual people. For years we were just property or allowed to be counted as half a person. Now, one of our own…a Black American….holds the highest office in the country. I don’t know what else to say, but we made it.

As I see the tears of our Black leaders and Black journalists in broadcast media, I know why they are crying. White Obama supporters may be happy, but Black Americans are emotional. We have been through so much and all I can say is we made it. This event is so historic that even John McCain was forced to recognize it in his speech. True enough the true highlight of my evening was the announcement that Obama had won, but there was another. When the camera panned over to McCain’s headquarters, after the announcement had been made, McCain supporters were totally oblivious. They were low in spirits, but not yet made aware that they had lost. I loved every minute of watching their complete oblivion. Furthermore, they panned the crowd and I saw not one Black face. How can you lead America if your supporters don’t even look like America? Perhaps Spongebob & Patrick Star said it best in the Spongebob Movie: IN YOUR FACE!

The reason I am frozen is because this is a moment I never imagined in my wildest dreams I’d ever see. I never dreamed of seeing a Black Presidential candidate. I never dreamed I’d see a Black Presidential candidate’s name on the ballot. I never dreamed I’d see a Black Presidential elect give a victory speech. I never dreamed a Black President would be inaugurated. I never dreamed a Black President would live in the white house. This isn’t a dream come true, because I never dared to dream that big. Anything is possible. All dreams are possible.

Everything our ancestors went through in this country were worth it. Through their struggles, blood, tears, sweat, etc…. they turned us into survivors. They gave us the strength to endure. They taught us to never give up hope.


Ps: Black people, this is NOT a national holiday. Take your ass to work tomorrow!