“Kick Rocks Lil’ Dude, It’s Nuttin'”

So I won my second great victory in the war which is my education. The first victory was getting word that I could get my full ride back to Clark Atlanta University. The second battle began when I tried to get my transcript from The University of Missouri Kansas City but was told I had a hold on my account due to some unpaid fees. Apparently, they charged me three semesters instead of just one. It was emotional, but I fought the fees. I made an appeal which got turned down. I didn’t give up though. I filed another one with a higher committee and just got word today that all charges were removed.

Thank God!

This was truly God showing his favor on me. That committee could have very easily demanded that UMKC get their money. The weak proof I provided paired with some divine intervention was enough to make this happen. When you have a strong willpower and a strong spiritual backing, road blocks in your life look as small as the kangaroo does in that picture. Coincidentally, the Kangaroo is UMKC’s mascot (thank goodness I’m a PANTHER).

Today I went and paid off my campus parking tickets to get all holds removed from my account and got my transcript sent to CAU. I’m not gonna lie, it almost didn’t happen. The ATM wouldn’t give me my money but still debited the amount from my account. There goes God lookin out again. I had cashed a check from a client (I’m a freelance writer – digital portfolio available) and had enough cash to cover it.

Through this whole process, I have learned that problems may seem big at the time. They aren’t. I just have to have faith and keep believing in my dreams. I know I can achieve my goals. Roadblocks are nuttin’. If David could knock Goliath the hell out with a rock, I can have victory over my obsticles. Perhaps Howard Cosell said it best during the Joe Frazier v. George Foreman fight:

Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!