While watching tonight’s episode of “Real Chance at Love,” I really internalized the meaning of ‘branding.’ Suddenly I saw all the teachings of Kevin Liles & Diddy in a small scale, real world example. Real, Chance & their younger brother are working hard to create a brand for themselves. Besides their interesting clothing choices, any normal person automatically focuses on their hair. Chance can’t exactly pick a style. In the first episode he had a mohawk with several parts and what seems to be an S-Curl. Real rocks his trademark gorgeous long flowy hair. Their youngest brother wears his hair cut in a style that makes you do a double take. At first I thought he was wearing a short woman’s wig. Upon closer examination, I realized it was growing straight out of his scalp and had been cut and styled into some sort of traditional black woman’s hairstyle. Strange…

Although the way these men choose to wear their hair may raise some eyebrows, I can respect them. They are achieving a brand. They are just fuckin doin them. That’s what bein Jaz is all about.

I’m known for dressing straight up corporate. A nice pair of slacks makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. Tennis shoes only slow me down. By the time I finish tying those heavy things, I could have slipped my feet into a nice pair of pointy toed shoes and started handling my business! I’m also known for being corporate. I’ll write a contract up for any and everything just to say that I dotted all i’s & crossed all t’s. I want to be ready to take your ass to court at a moment’s notice haha.

I also love the hints of “alternative culture” in my style. I love my dreadlocks in all their multi-colored glory. I love the industrial bar through my ear that always makes people take a second look. Nothing brings me more joy than to look at my favorite tattoo on my wrist written in Arabic. People are really going to flip when they see the surface piercing on the back of my neck I plan to get. I like my little interesting mix of alternative choices juxtaposed with corporate America.

My writing style, as you have seen, is pretty raw. Not as cruel as Miss. W. Williams, but just as blunt and off the chain. As a journalist, I take pride in watching people squirm. I like asking the questions that cause others to punk out. I guess I just have big balls like that. I take pride in taking on challenging writing assignments and writing about content that’s often ignored. I’m proud of my business, Noteworthy by Jaz. Despite people fucking me over, it’s growing/expanding like crazy! These past few weeks have been simply amazing. Hit me up for my supaflyy portfolio!

As for names go, I only go by Jaz. I’ll look at you dumb if you call me by my government. Hell, I hardly even respond to it. Everything about my style is Jazzy baby! The most recent alias I’ve FINALLY chosen to embrace is “The Urban Nerd.” I fought it for so long only because my moms called me that, but hell…..it’s me. I truly am The Urban Nerd. Soon I’ll have a book out to prove it.

When it’s all said and done, I am my own brand. Knowing who I am and embracing myself (flaws n all) makes me confident. Even in my errors I achieve perfection. That may seem pompas and arrogant, but it’s really not. Unlike most people, I study from my errors and learn. When this guy spoke out of the side of his mouth about my refusal to do a business plan for a measly $200 and stiffed me on payment for past projects, I got my shit together. I drafted a 30 page portfolio that is flawless. It contains everything from services, price lists, payment options & writing samples. I created invoices, payment policies, and a strategy of sending PDF files to make people work hard if they want to rip me off. I achieve perfection by constantly stepping my game up.

Aside from the way I dress, my confidence makes me flyy. I’ll never look like one of those BET Video Vixens. I can’t even stay in heels long enough to master the supermodel strut. I choose classic items over trendy ones and when I do finally decide to embrace a trend, It’s when its finally been turned into a classic. I’m flyy because I don’t apologize for being myself and I don’t care to change myself just to please you. I am Jaz. Fuck whatever you’re talking, I’m simply Jaz. I’m not conceited, I’m just knowingly flyy. I’m flyy because I believe in my brand. I’m flyyer than most because most don’t even have a brand.

When people hear me say “Get Like Me!” I don’t mean that literally. I mean step ya damn game up and figure out what the hell your brand is because ya ass is generic!

I don’t give a fuck what you think about me, I know the truth:

I’m More Confident than Many & Flyyer than Most!

-Jaz, Jazzy, The Urban Nerd & Her Royal Flyyness

Ps: Yes ya’ll, I’m still in love with Smiley Faces and have a secret infatuation with the color Yellow.