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I always check for new music on Tuesdays from the iTunes Store. Although I rarely ever buy anything the moment the album drops, I usually end up buying a classic from years past. Today was no exception. I purchased MTV Unplugged No. 2.0: Lauryn Hill. I’ve always loved acoustic music for it’s simple elegance and I commend MTV for their Unplugged series. It’s a raw look at the artist where they are forced to prove their talent. As I listen to Lauryn Hill’s vocals over the simple guitar riffs, I can’t help but notice how beautifully basic it is. She’s not depending on anything but her vocals. In my opinion, basic is best.

Basic is best in life also.

After at least 6 years with the same #, I finally worked up the nerves to change it. What a beautiful feeling. Only my inner core group of friends and loved ones have been given the new number. I’m not even posting it on facebook for friends to see. This allowed me to clean shop. Additionally, it stopped me from secretly waiting for certain people to call. I took back my power of communication. I got back to basics.

Although I start my day job on Friday, that’s merely a steady paycheck. I finally got back to basics in business and started doing freelance writing for a businessman I believe in. I’m using nothing more than my raw talent to put a lil extra money in my pockets. As we get to know eachother’s life stories and as he breaks down his business plans to me, I become loyal. You’d be surprised how successful a business could be if the people making it function had raw talent and loyality. I believe God gives each of us a few natural talents. It’s our job to network and fit our talents together like a jigsaw puzzle for a common goal. By using my talent and becoming loyal, I got back to basics.

True enough my credit is fucked like most Black people in America. Suprisingly, I’m not broken up over it. Instead, I’m a bit relieved I don’t have to worry about paying credit card bills. I take pride in knowing that I can only spend the money I actually have. Being broke taught me that I can live on less and still be happy. Just like I learned in college about EVERY party being the party of the year, there will be another party and there will be another sale. Currently I don’t shop and I only pay my necessary expenses. I got back to basics.

Artists who are still considered brilliant while playing an acoustic set have talent. If you can’t do that, what’s the point in even being an artist? That’s how I feel about life. If you can’t be happy with just the basic principles in life, then you were never happy to begin with. True enough, I’m going through my life struggles and it’s a well known fact that I hate living with Sister Paterson, but I have an inner happiness. I’m pleased with who I currently am as a person. I’m pleased with the direction my life is headed in. I’m pleased with the unique spiritual relationship I have with my God. I’m acoustically basic, and happy.