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bliss |blis|
perfect happiness; great joy : she gave a sigh of bliss. See note at rapture .
• something providing such happiness : the steam room was bliss.
• a state of spiritual blessedness, typically that reached after death.

Sister Paterson came home today after a day of grocery shopping. Here, we have a discount grocery store called Aldi’s. Good quality food, Rock bottom prices. The well off shop there to be economically savvy, and well…everybody else shops there because they are trying to stretch their funds. Whatever the reason, I give it my thumbs up.

Over the years, several things my mother has said have raised my brows. Although, my feelings usually get hurt, her comment today was just down right offensive. What did she say?…

With two Aldi’s bags in hand she says while smiling, “Look at me, I’m fashionable just like those people on the bus stop.” I immediately took offense for several reasons.

  1. Although you may feel cute carrying a Burberrry shopping bag, Plastic grocery bags will never make you fashionable.
  2. Unlike larger cities, public transportation carries a negative connotation in Kansas City. People often assume that those on the bus stops are often poor.
  3. Ignoring the trend of destroyed jeans, saying it is fashionable to look poor is idiotic. Why would anyone aspire to look poor.
  4. Though many white people shop at the “Upscale” Aldi’s, the majority don’t. The typical Aldi’s customer is low-income and qualifies for food stamps. Many people are happy to be on food stamps, but would prefer not to be in a situation where they need them. In other words, most people would prefer to make $100,000/yr even if they have to pay out of pocket for their groceries.
  5. Not realizing the err in her words was even more offensive. She might as well have been a white person dressed in black face declaring she was beautiful just like niggers.

Now maybe, I’m reading to deeply into this but her statement was just plain up mean. As an upper middle class citizen, she needs to watch what she says. Although, I often feel like I am speaking to an alien when talking to her, this time felt like I was speaking to a white person. How she was acting was the same way some white people act when it comes to racist statements. They don’t see the harm and when you point it out they still don’t see the harm so they go on living their lives unaffected. They are blissfully ignorant. Thinking “Ignorance is Bliss” is just straight up Ign’Nt as far as I’m concerned.