I saw this list on a friend’s Facebook page. I didn’t know what half of it was talking about, but I could definitely relate to the items I listed here. All of these items I have seen first hand. Though they may seem off the wall to you, I have seen them with my very own eyeballs at Clark Atlanta University.

  • You had homeade frats/sororities. (I was in Phi-Hi-Psi)
  • You knew exactly how many miles your car could go on E (Mine goes 30)
  • Popcorn, french fries, Hot Pockets & Ramen Noodles were special gourmet items in your dorm room (I sold fully seasoned Ramen Noodles & delivered them to your room for $1.75)
  • People showed up at the football games just to see the halftime show & left
  • The Sigmas were cooking out somewhere (I think you have to know how to BBQ to gain entrance to this frat)
  • The library was known as a gathering place (Club Woody!)
  • You stole utensils, cups, bowls & condiments from the cafe’
  • You had a “monitor” watching you walk OUT of the cafetaria searching for stolen goods (Damn if this aint the truest thing on this list lol)
  • You knew the physical plant people or janitors by first name
  • If the food/menu changed and was suddenly edible and delicious during parents weekend or when the board members met. (steak night and w/real silver, luau nite etc.)
  • The best b-ball players refused to play for the school
  • Everybody skipped class on the first hot day of spring