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So I gave a random guy my number….hell, he seemed nice enough and I was bored. He told me had a facebook page and said he wanted to add me as a friend, so being the Social Networking diva I am, I went to his page and added him. If you ever want to legally stalk someone, Social Networking is the way to do it! Facebook will tell all ya business if you let it.

After peeping the pictures I read the ‘Info’ page. Name, Birthday, Religion, Yada Yada Ya…., Relationship Status….[slam on the breaks!]. I was on the phone with him so I smoothly asked, “So u gotta girl?” Like most men, he tried dodging the question. See, I don’t know why men tend to get that “deer caught in headlights” reaction even when they haven’t done anything wrong…yet. I finally got the truth out of him and through further investigation, found out she lives a few blocks away from me. The beauty of Facebook is, people often take great pride in their relationships. Facebook makes investigations quite easy. You just click: In a Relationship with John Doe, and you usually see the person’s profile.

Ya’ll know I’m nosey, so I got to clickin.

Black women get like bully breed dogs when we meet eachother. To the naked eye we are polite to one another. Using a finely tuned instrument of vision, you can actually see us circling and sizing eachother up like two pit bulls ready to fight. I am in no way conceited, however, I am knowing flyy. There’s a difference. I sized her up from everything from pics to her favorite movie choices, quotes and books. I am the winner.

Stealing a woman’s man is so 1999 (dunno why i picked that year, but dammit it’s outdated and tacky!)….but if a man chooses to take me on dates after your relationship has ended, that’s another story.

Even though I was the clear cut winner of the imaginary battle, I simply walked away from the battlefield. Why, you ask? Because she belongs to the Sisterhood of the Naturally Nappy. She’s naturally nappy and rockin’ her look with all the confidence in the world. I can’t help but respect that and retract my claws.

I’m not saying all naturally nappyheads are off the hook.
I’m also not saying that all members of the Sisterhood are cool in my book…a bitch is still a bitch no matter how she wears her hair.
I’m just sayin, this one is alright in my book.