I should have done this for the Presidential debates, but I figure with Palin’s inexperience, this should be more fun. Here are my play by play off the wall comments/observations:

  • Debate hasn’t been on for 10minutes yet and Palin has already used the word “maverick” twice. I hate that word. This aint a country western.
  • Palin is out of touch with reality. She’s talking about $300,000 houses being foreclosed on. People who can get into a $300,000 house aren’t facing foreclosure! It’s the people living in $150,00 and less.
  • Palin is already lying on Obama and we are 14min. in. Obama didn’t vote to raise taxes for middle class America.
  • Did Palin just tell the moderator she’s not going to answer the questions in the way she wants? Palin is going to push her track record. HAHA! The moderator just cut her off.
  • Funny how she thinks national health care is a bad idea…
  • Is she not allowed to wear colors? Why is it that everytime i see Palin she has on all black from head to toe with the same hair style? Sweetie you can wear a nice blouse or cami underneath that suit.
  • Biden is right on the money with his statistics. All Palin is going on is her year and a 1/2 track record. Seems like she doesn’t know much about anything else.
  • 27minutes in and she’s already restaiting the exact same points she’s already said. Exact same words in the exact same order.
  • Does Palin not know how a debate works? She gets asked a question then states what SHE wants to talk about it instead. Palin, you aren’t the moderator, the Black woman sitting in front of you is…SHUT UP ALREADY!
  • I like Biden, he’s all about the facts & that’s all I care about. I don’t care about asking a soccer mom (as Palin suggests we all do), I want facts and he’s giving them to me.
  • Funny how the subject of gay marriage makes Palin so uncomfortable.
  • I can’t help but notice (there goes that word “maverick” again) how presidential Biden sounds and how motherly Palin seems. She reminds me of the mother off of “Bobby’s World” – don’t cha know
  • “Maverick” count: 4
  • Palin quotes: “Say it ain’t so Joe,” “Average Joe 6-Pack” & “Darnnit”
  • Did Palin just send a shout out to a 3rd grade class during a VP Presidential Debate!? Hell nah
  • Unlike McCain’s flimsy comb over, Biden’s bald spot is in the back. Good shit. The camera can’t see it.