I ended up getting that job I interviewed for in the post “Lackluster Job Searcher.” Today was supposed to be my first day, and I’m already a slave to the cash. After driving 25minutes to Kansas, I was turned away. They said the training class was full. Wasting my time it one thing. Do they not realize the price of gas these days!? I couldn’t get a courtesy call? Why would they even fill a training class to the point where five of us end up getting turned away? That’s that bullshit.

I need the money so I have to put up with this mess. Now I have to wait until Monday to start work. I can’t wait to own my own business so I won’t have to be anyone’s slave but my own. I wanted to curse them out, but because I needed the job I had to bite my tongue. Don’t you just hate having to do that? I do.

On the upside, my Cease & Desist letter to those pesky bill collectors worked. I was notified today that my number was taken out of the system, and I would no longer be receiving calls. Never underestimate the power of the P-E-N!