Kisses to whoever came up with the technology to watch TV online. Thanks to you I don’t have to spend money on TiVo and can still watch my reality shows whenever the hell I want. VH1 has this whole Reality TV thing locked up. It seems like they just can’t loose. MTV originated it all then passed it off to their sister network. GENIUS! They have created monsters. I am a self-proclaimed Reality Junkie. I tune in looking for my next fix and am ready to murder when its not there. Needless to say, this was one of those murderous Mondays.

NY Goes to Hollywood wraped up their final episode last week. I know they said it throughout the whole show, but it feels like it ended prematurely. Out of habit I found myself checking VH1 online for this week’s episode. To mend my broken spirits, let’s reminisce:

  • At dinner NY tells Tailor Made to stop throwing around big words. What big word did he say you ask….SUPPORT. According to her standards, my name is a big word. Two sylables, definitly confusing.
  • NY was called out on her breath/taste by a handsome actor. Instant embarassement. Classic.
  • Was I the only one who wished NY would of sat in a plastic chair just so you could see her slide off with all that damn baby oil on when she went on the late night talk show?
  • Who works out in some flimsy tennis shoes and a regular bra? With tits that large you gotta strap them puppies down! I watched in horor as the personal trainer tried to stretch her legs. If she was the freak we all thought she was, she shoulda been a bit more flexible. I’m a size 14, 183 pounds & I can still drop into the splits without stretching. Step ya game up!
  • You couldn’t help but feel pity for her when Sister Paterson came to visit. Liza was smart, she stayed her ass at home.

The last episode ended with her “breaking up” with reality tv. Yea right. Be lookin out for I Love New York 3. As crazy as she is, she makes for good TV and I reserve a special place on monday nights just to watch the madness.

Ok, enough about the deceased. I Want to Work for Diddy. Poprah is fired, Laverne was eliminated. If I wasn’t so captivated by Diddy, I’d have to stop watching this show. Like a true junkie, I’m hooked. I knew from reading the tone of Poprah’s blogs on VH1’s website that she didn’t make it to the end. She sounded bitter. No assistant in their right mind would bad mouth their boss or openly disagree with their decisions. I expected her to get the boot, but I guess I hadn’t mentally prepared for it. Here are my favorite Diddy moments thus far:

  • Laverne’s fall durring the “Applesauce Bandit” mission.
  • Kendra showing her hood when she went after Boris while he was seated.
  • Seeing Diddy’s ugly ass dog for the first time. The dog has to be old as dirt. I’m thinking Diddy brought the dog with him from his days growing up. That’s the only explination I could come up with. Was it just me or did you also see a few patches missing from the dog’s fur. Po baby…
  • Poprah’s explination of why she gained so much weight. You gained weight so industry men wouldn’t want to sleep with you!? I love you Kim so I’ll let that lame excuse slide.
  • Remember that elimination where Capricorn voiced her opinion then walked out? Genius! Sometimes not saying anything at all is best. GUT PUNCH FOR DAT ASS!
  • Seeing an episode featuring Janelle Monae. Luv her to pieces. Ya’ll better not mess up her showcase!

I didn’t really watch Rock of Love 2 so I’m not all that familiar with all the characters that will be Charm School, but I’m looking forward to the antics. Those girls are a hot mess. I’m already yearning for Lacey’s elimination. She’s excellent for reality tv, but no villian has annoyed me like she has (not even ChaTar/Hottie & her excessive blinks). I’m secretly hoping that Heather will handle that for me. Til then I’ll be watching I Love Money and waiting for Pick Up Artist 2 & for Paris to pick her Best Friend.

BET, will you ever be able to master reality tv? I thought ya’ll were on to something with the early seasons of College Hill, but that proved to be a disappointment. I have given up hope.