I just got done reading Kim Osorio’s book, Straight From the Source. It made me further realize the power that a pen holds. I also realized something about myself. Osorio stuck around and catered to Benzino’s twisted ass agenda just because she was making 130K. I could never comprimise myself for that. No amount of money could get me to write some bullshit I didn’t believe in. I guess I’m just hard headed like that.

From the moment I saw my first published article in print way back in high school, that has been my mission. I remember feeling straight up pride when I saw that I had managed to have the most articles published out of any other Kansas City Association of Black Journalism student. I didn’t care if the article only contained my name in the byline or if I had to share it with 2 other students, I was published and you couldn’t take that away from me. I was the gateway to information.

I remember my first article published in The Kansas City Star newspaper independent of KCABJ. It stirred up an entire suburb, angered a father, embarassed an ignorant girl, and redeemed my school. I wrote an article in retaliation to one published in the Teen Star by a suburban high school student who visited our school for the day and wrote about it. Her article managed to show people that the most prestegious high school Kansas City, MO School District had was as pitiful as all the others. My school, Lincoln College Prep. Academy, was also a historically Black high school (yea, they have those). It was a pillar in the black community. Our academic achievements were something the Black community & KCMOSD could be proud of. With a few strokes of her pen, she took us down. I wasn’t having it. I struck back & took no prisoners along the way. That’s how I am. I love contriversy and won’t back down to it. Her father ended up storming into The Star demanding to know who I was. HA HA! I got the last laugh. Silly white girl.

I’ll go to battle with anyone in print. Unlike a verbal battle, this shit is documented. You can’t back down or switch up what you say. My well crafted, witty remarks can deliver gut punches that could never be as powerful if they were oral. The reciever is only left to reread them over and over again and either stew or reply. When I first learned how to interview people, I took pride in watching people squirm. I like to see you sweat. It means I’m doing my job. I temporarily hold the power of your image in my hands & I know it. I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions & if you choose to dodge them, I can note that in my article. I’m a fuckin journalism beast.

Blogging is as good as it gets. Instant publication, Uncensored, Large Audience, Feedback. Whoever came up with the idea was a damn genius and I’m lovin it. It truly doesn’t matter to me if no one ever reads my thoughts. The point is, I’m published. I have my own little space on the World Wide Web that is dedicated completely to me. I have the privilage of expressing myself in ways that my ancestors only dreamed of. I have my own soap box, and it’s broadcasting 24/7. If you don’t like what I have to say then close the fuckin window, but you can’t shut me up. That’s what I love the most.