After 22 years of life, I’ve finally realized how pointless it is to dream. People say dare to dream…that’s bullshit. Everybody is always telling you to dream, but no one takes time to note that Nightmares are dreams too. I’ll say it here: NIGHTMARES ARE DREAMS TOO. My dreams are nightmares, and my future consists of goals & plans. It seems that every time I allow myself to “dream” I end up having a straight up nightmare. I dreamed of graduating from college, and instead lost my full scholarship and was temporarily disabled. True enough, I got it back after two years, but I attribute that to careful planning & prayer. When I first got the scholarship back I allowed myself to “dream” once again. I ended up finding out the school I absolutely loathe falsely enrolled me in two semesters and won’t release my transcripts until I pay them $1,600. No transcript, No Clark Atlanta University. Dreaming will get you fucked up emotionally. My advice is to stop dreaming and stick to reality. Plan & Pray to get to where you want to be in life.