This morning I was awaken to my mom informing me that one of her good friends woke up and had lost her memory. Miss. Lilly not only couldn’t remember anything but one phone number, but had no idea who she was. How frightening! My prayers automatically went out to her. I love my Miss. Lilly. Ya’ll don’t know her but she’s simply fabulous. She even starred in the movie Kansas City filmed in the Historic 18th & Vine District. I love her to pieces. This whole incident got me thinking about my memories.

Without my memories I am nothing but a being.

My memories make me who I am. All of the life experiences I remember have shaped me into Jaz. My memories determine who I shun & who I show love to, they tell me how to react in certain situations, my memories of what God has done for me keeps my faith strong.

If something drastic happens to me (GOD FORBID!) I pray I will never forget 5 friends:

  • Lamarr Kemp – You are my hope. You took care of me when I was totally helpless. You carried me on your back even though you had a hernia. You taught me the power of friendship.
  • Darwin Thompson – You are my best friend, my confidant, you truly know me & I know you. We will grow old together like Will & Grace! You taught me that I am not my past.
  • LaTonya Jones/Brown – You are my sister. You keep me grounded & remind me of who I am and what I am capable of. You understand me in a weird way that no one else can. You taught me how to have a backbone.
  • Crystal Monteiro – You are my first romie. You keep me spunky and let me know that anything in life is possible. You force me to stand strong on my values & beliefs. You taught me tolerance.
  • Horacio Hill Jr. – You are my love & my rock. You showed me the type of love that God speaks about in the Bible. You taught me that love transcends existance.

After taking a look at this list, It’s crazy that 3/5 I met while attending Clark Atlanta University. AUC love is a powerful thing. I love you all deeply, more than you may realize.