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This morning I was awaken by a phone call from a temp agency asking me to come in to interview. I was not excited. The truth is, my unemployed ass is tired. I’m tired of job searching, interviewing, and failing drug tests for dumb reasons. I’m tired of wasting my gas, getting dressed up for nothing, and sucking at phone interviews. If I compose one more cover letter, I’m going to scream!

(shakes fist at George Dub’ya Bush)
Damn you for driving our country’s economy into the ground!

Thanks to this horrible economy, I am competing against unemployed people with degrees. I can’t help but wonder if the economy would have recovered by the time I earn mine. Being a career student is starting to look better and better. Truth is, I’m slackin’ on my pimpin’. I’m sitting on a jewelry empire and a best selling book. My favorite professor was correct, Entrepreneurship is the key. It takes money to make money. Anybody feel like investing?

Yes, I made those.
Winter Collection 2008