When I’m called an “Urban Nerd,” I embrace it. Nerds make the money and though often teased, we always seem to end up on top. What could possibly strike fear into the heart of an Urban Nerd such as myself? Having to compete with even bigger braniacs and not being prepared. Last night was filled with what I like to call…
Nerd Nightmares:

The Cause: You all know I got my full tuition/fess scholarship reinstated (AFTER TWO YEARS) and plan to go back to Clark Atlanta University fall 2009. I have a bit of normal anxiety concerning my workload. I’ll be a junior, an honors program student, have to maintain my GPA, and will be living off campus. Each of these factors stresses me out in a different way. The biggest thing that freaks me out, is not being prepared.

The Nightmares: I dreamed I was in an Ivy League environment. All the geniuses from high school were present along with a hard up British teacher. To kick things off, I was late to class after discovering my car, Imani, was stolen. I had to explain the situation to the teacher and tell her I may be leaving class to take phone calls from my father as he tried to track down the car. The nightmare continues….

Un-characteristic of me, I searched for a seat in the back of the class. The teacher redirected me to the front row. We started taking notes. I couldn’t see the board, I didn’t have the right pen (I only write with Pilot G-2), I couldn’t even read her handwriting. It was a class teaching us how to Research, but for some reason she was talking about the configurings of the human hand. As the other braniacs fought to answer questions, I was completely lost. Had there been assigned reading for the first day that I missed?
The nightmare continues…

I went to the cafe’ where I saw the guy who stole my car. I don’t know how I knew it was him, but I knew. His name was Sunny, he was a white man with surfer type blonde hair. In true “Urban Nerd” fashion, I hit him with the butt of my gun in the back of the head. Got my damn car back and stressed over the cash to get the steering column fixed (it had been hot wired).
The nightmare continues…

I went to the bookstore to buy the four required books for that British lady’s class. That’s when I remembered my refund check hadn’t come yet. How the hell was I gonna afford them? Somehow I raised cash, stuffed the books in my backpack and headed back to my dorm room to study only to realize that I had no dorm room. I woke up wondering if I needed to buy a study room from the library (Club Woody), and weither or not I was truly ready to live off campus.
The nightmare ends.