Note: These are the Flyy ass pony haired shoes I wore during my evening of discovery

Tonight, I was truly FLYY. Gold metallic dress, handmade necklace, pony haired leopard shoes. I was dressed to the nines as always.

This evening I attended my “grandparent’s” 50th anniversary celebration (They are really my mom’s best friend’s parents, but they took me in as their grandchild at a very young age). I came to several relizations while there. First, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would find love that lasts a lifetime as they did. As the MC went around the room asking couples married 50+ years I took mental notes:

  • Don’t be the one to walk away
  • Women submit
  • Live by your vows
  • Men, say “yes ma’am”

It’s amazing how these couples live by such simple advice. People are out here spending tons of cash on therapists, books & relationship seminars when all they need to do is just love each other. Have people forgotten what it means to love? Those who know me, know I’m not a Bible fanatic, seeing as it was written AND edited by man during King James’ era, but it is the best instruction book I’ve ever seen concerning the subject of what love truly is.

Afterwards, I was pulled over by THREE, count ’em, THREE police cars for making an illegal left turn in the Westport District. I know I have dark tints, but dammit – Am I really that Gangsta?!