Nothing really intriguing has happened to me today…the night is young & knowing me I could very possibly wind up committing 3 felonies in 4 states by the time the clock strikes midnight. Despite what the night holds for me, I can’t help but sit in my bed and think about my first love: Clark Atlanta University. I also can’t help but wonder what the hell happened to my “Apology Shirt.”

Here’s My Tribute:
Note: I’m feeling quite random right now so bear with me

  • I’m sorry you’re not as flyy as me
  • I’m sorry you can’t see the beauty in a plus sized woman
  • I’m sorry it’s 2008 and you still won’t date a brown skinned woman
  • I’m sorry you still think putting crack creme (relaxers) in your hair is cool
  • I’m sorry you got so desperate to win that you chose a gun slangin’, inexperienced, woman you only met once to run beside you
  • I’m sorry you’re 23 years older than Alaska
  • I’m sorry you’re gonna loose
  • I’m sorry you’re not a Clark Atlanta University student
  • I’m sorry you think rounded circles in stepping is fine
  • I’m sorry you can’t step as hard as me
  • I’m sorry you can’t grill
  • I’m sorry you don’t even know what a grill is
  • I’m sorry you think you’ve had real BBQ
  • I’m sorry you don’t realize Kansas City has the best BBQ
  • I’m sorry you don’t know how to get hyphy, go dumb, or get stupid
  • I’m sorry you don’t agree that “Thizz is what it is”
  • I’m sorry you still use a PC
  • I’m sorry your computer still gets viruses
  • I’m sorry you can’t get down with reggae
  • I’m sorry you think SouljaBoy is hip hop
  • I’m sorry you don’t realize that I.Am.HipHop
  • I’m sorry you don’t have a Nintendo Wii
  • I’m sorry you can’t play Super Mario World or Super Mario 2 & 3
(Take A Breath…)

  • I’m sorry your cell phone services aren’t free
  • I’m sorry my cell phone has never been cut off
  • I’m sorry you don’t know how to boil down chicken backs, throw in diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, and throw them in a pot with 2packs of Ramen Noodles to make a meal when you’re broke
  • I’m sorry your DVD collection isn’t as extensive as mine
  • I’m sorry you rely on MySpace to get dates
  • I’m sorry I denied your friend request
  • I’m sorry the only people who even know your record label exists are those you bombard on MySpace to add you as a friend
  • I’m sorry no one wants to buy your shitty song for .99 cents
  • I’m sorry there are still internet thugs
  • I’m sorry internet groupies even exist