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I woke up this morning in a “Crime Mobb” mood to say the least. Could I be disgruntled because I’m unemployed? Away from the majority of my friends? Living a celibate life? I have no idea what the root cause of it all is. It may just be a side effect from being stuck in the house all day with a 75yr old granny with dementia and a 52yr old clone of Sister Paterson. 1000 Thank You’s to whoever invented the door.

As I sit back and listen to Miss Rap Supreme’s: Ms Cherry talk about never being caught without her tool, I can’t help but wish I had one. In reality, I highly doubt I need one because then I’d really be quoting her “It’s wheneva bitch, It’s whateva hoe!” chorus. I’m really wishing I could blaze up right now. That way whatever is bothering me, I’d just say “fuck it” and move on. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option.

What options does that leave Her Royal Flyness? Hell, I don’t know. I’m actually asking you. Misery loves company so I’d love to bitch n moan with another disgruntled individual. (Random thought: We call Missouri, Mizery, meaning I live in a state of Mizery, does that give me the right to feel this way??) In the words of Bart Simpson in the Simpson’s Movie as he downed a pint of Jack Daniels: “I’m Troubled.”