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Today of course is Labor Day, so me and my mom cooked for her friends. I took a video of the festive food!
(Gotta have the Louisiana hot sauce)

The dinner guests consisted of me, my mom, my grandmother, my god mother & two women from the church. After dinner we got to talking about some current issues. First of all, it must be known that they are all 50+. The topic of gay marriage came up. I’m young and very liberal so I’m not totally against the idea. It was my first time even talking about with anyone, let alone old heads. Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered people totally gross them out. Being the hard core Christians they are, they said it was a spirit. They all agreed: “Yep, definitely a spirit.” Of course I’m respectful and also wise so I chose to keep my mouth shut for the most part, but I felt that was an unfair accusation. A person likes a person of the same sex, or feels they were born the wrong sex so they must be possessed by some sort of evil spirit. I was happy that one woman brought up the point of gender assignment and how some people really are assigned to the wrong gender at birth.

I’m Christian, but I hate seeing other Christians turn their noses up at people for committing a sin that we are actually unsure about. I feel that people should be able to do whatever the hell they like as long as it doesn’t stop my paycheck from coming. It’s not my place to pass judgment or tell you that you are surely going to hell. A girl I went to elementary school once said: “I chose to be gay the same day you chose to be straight.” That’s real. I’m not a lesbian so I have no idea what it feels like to be attracted to the same sex. Who am I to tell someone that they actively choose to like the same sex when in actuality, it was not a choice at all. I can’t prove that it’s not biological just like you can’t prove it’s spiritual.

Let people do what they do. Only God can judge them. Only God can judge me.