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Thank you for letting me leave so easily. Thank you for allowing me to spread my wings and fly. Since leaving you I’ve regained my zest for life and feel like living. I’m happy now. I’ve lost 43 pounds since leaving you. I’m well on my way to good health. Mentally and Spiritually I’m doing just fine. I allowed you to lead me astray. I stuck by you even though you encouraged me to let my family drift away.

We blazed together. We laughed together. We shared some good times.

It all feels like a distant memory now. Perhaps it all went down in a dimension different than the one I’ve come to love. I prefer to keep my past behind me. That’s where you need to stay.

Smoking wasn’t a good look on me but you didn’t care. I supported your jobless ass, I paid the bills, I bought the food, I purchased the weed. Never again. You’ve taught me many life lessons, mainly what love is not. For that too I thank you, because ungrateful I am not. I’m grateful you didn’t put up a fight when I kicked you to the curb. I’m grateful you gracefully bowed out and called your mom. I’m grateful you never called me, and let that be the end.

PS: In case you’re wondering, I never shed a tear. I never sat and reminisced on what we used to share.