Ok, so it’s been 3yrs since Hurricane Katrina drowned New Orleans. Where are we? This tragedy exposed our country for what it was: The good, bad & ugly….(mostly the ugly). After 3yrs have we grown as a nation? I would say, not much.

The majority of the citizens are still displaced.
The levees still aren’t 100% repaired.
Bush never acknowledged any fault of his own. (I could be wrong, but I sure didn’t hear about it)

Hurricane Gustav is coming and I personally know families who are not sure what to expect when they return home. What the hell is going on?! Is our country so primitive that we don’t see protecting our citizens here at home as a priority? Our government is spending billions of dollars on this stupid never-ending war, but can’t toss a few millions down South?

What’s funny to me (in an ironic kinda way) is, I was EXACTLY right when I predicted the future of New Orleans. I’m no fortune teller, but I have common sense. I predicted that when funds did arrive, it would go to rebuilding a bigger and better New Orleans according to republican standards. It gave the government a chance to wash away the projects, the slums, all the economically impoverished areas. The next step was to rebuild a NEW New Orleans, so ritzy its own damn citizens couldn’t afford to move back. Look around, that’s exactly what’s going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if New Orleans resembled a suburb by 2020.

It’s clear, the city is still crying. Unfortunately the New Orleans culture is dying.

Call it selfish, but i’m pissed i’ll never be able to attend a genuine Marty Gras!

Ps: The picture I posted with this post was designed (and features) my love Gregory DeCuir II. We actually met when he got washed ashore in Atlanta, GA where I was attending Clark Atlanta University. It’s a powerful picture right?!