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My dreadlocks hold power…well maybe not power exactly, but deffinantly wisdom!

The way I see it: These oh so brilliant thoughts of mine have to go somewhere. I figure they grow right through my scalp and out through my hair. My hair holds onto them for safe keeping. My thoughts make my hair resilient and strong. Since my hair is locked, none of it falls out, EVER! Meaning I get to hold onto my thoughts, making me wise. My dreadlocks are not just a flyy style that I love to rock (Cuz i’m happy to be nappy!). These locks of mine are oh so divine and they make me so very wise.

Nappy Edges: “The roots of your hair / what turns back when we sweat, run, make love, dance, get afraid, get happy: the tell-tale signs of living.” – Ntozake Shange