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Ok so I know the title is one that may get me flagged and raise the eyebrows of a few CIA agents. Before you start thinking i’m a terrorist, let me take time and explain.
Just like the rest of the world I am following the 2008 Presidential Elections very closely. There’s finally a member of my race running! While Obama’s rise to glory has been nothing less than inspring, I can’t help but feel a tinge of fear. Fear for his life.

I’m so proud of how far our dysfunctional racist country has come from the times when it was law that you had to pass an incredibly difficult and ridiculous test just to vote (even though the constitution had already given you the right to do so). Let my grandma tell it and it was just yesterday that they killed that innocent man for nothin’ [Martin Luther King Jr.]. Finally, we as a race are approaching what could be the single most greatest accomplishment yet. We have the possibility to run this country. That’s sending an international message that we have made it! We survived slavery, We survived Jim Crow, We survived modern day discrimination like in the Jena 6 trials. We made it to that high rise apartment in the sky baby!

How far have we really come?

Just as the 2000 Elections divided the country, this may have that effect as well. Fundementally there are Democrats & Republicans. Next, there are the people who don’t see color as an issue when choosing a candidate and those that do. Lastly, there are the people who will accept a Black man as president (weither they like it, love it, or simply will tolerate it) and those that would rather die than see it ever happen. That very last category is where that nagging tinge of fear comes from.

Now that we have a Black nominee, we like to think of ourselves as liberal and evolved. The question I would like to pose is, just how evolved are we really?

Can we safely assume that every person living under the glorious Stars & Stripes has evolved? I like to think not. If that was the case then organizations such as the KKK would cease to exist. With a country as free as ours, each and every person is well within their rights to be a radical extremist if they wish. More power to you! What concerns me is, it only takes one radical extremist to shut down our rise to glory. It only takes one person with a “kamikazee” type personality to pop all of our damn bubbles.

You all know what I’m hinting at….

My blackness will not allow me not to be an Obama supporter. My christian faith advises me to pray for that man’s life, and pray even harder if he is elected to be our Commander & Chief. That’s a very brave man. Sometimes it takes the elderly to snap your evolved ass back to reality. My grandmother’s face says it all. I watched as she displayed sheer joy and elation to see a member of her race take the stage at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). She couldn’t hold in her smile. Then she asked, “Child, is that really a Black man?” I replied, it was. Her face dropped and became sullen. You could actually see her relive the moment when they “shot that innocent man down for nothin…just killed him.”

I couldn’t help but wonder, does Obama share the same fate?