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Prayer for Mom

Dear Family & Friends,

As you know, my mother (Fay) has been on bed rest for a month recovering from a MRSA infection in her left foot. We were told the infected bone was removed in surgery, and the antibiotics were clearing up the infection. Today, an MRI showed the infection is worse than it was initially. Fay is being hospitalized.

Perhaps God didn’t get our first prayer memo. It’s time to cry out.

She has endured the foot pain, not leaving the house, medicine that makes her nauseous, not seeing her mother (Willie Bea), and having extremely limited mobility for a full month. Additionally, she believed this nightmare was coming to an end.

Family, agree with me in this prayer. Use it as your prayer starter.

I first claim peace & comfort for her heart and mind. Secondly, I claim healing through the blood of Jesus. Jesus never refused to heal anyone who asked him. We’re kicking down his door asking. I pray he will answer saying, “I will come & heal her” as he did in Matthew 8:7. Lastly, Philippians 4:13 says Fay can do all things through Christ which strengthens her. I am claiming Fay’s ownership of this truth. May she allow Christ to come into her core and give her the endurance to complete this trial by running, and not limping, to the finish line

Our family has seen great miracles in healing when we pray corporately. I believe we will be able to add my mom’s healing onto that list.

With love and blessings,

I Am A Poet

I am a poet
I am a cat in the hat poet
I am a; three words in a line don’t rhyme but you will respect my flow poet
I am a poet of declarations
I use my words when I have something to say
Yet I don’t have to say anything at all
And you’ll still think I’m clever
Because I’m a poet
I am a living, breathing testament to words
I breathe life into ink
I use words to feel
I see words like people
Like little marionettes they dance

They 🎤put oooonnnn
They put on for my paper
Put on for my paper
Put onnnOoonOoonnnONNN!🎤

My emotions tippy-toe tap/dance/sit Indian style in my notebook
Because I am a poet

So I study up.

John 1:1
In the beginning the Word already existed.
The Word was with God,
& the Word was God.
The Word gave life to everything that was created,
and his life brought light to everyone.
& Jesus said none shall have life but through me

Like Moses parted the Red Sea,
God the Alpha Omega
anointed these lips to spit using the greek alphabet

Alpha Omega

The English language plus every made up word between is available to me

under my command.

I spit rhymes,
All day ‘err day in my shower.
While washing my hair.
Like you care.

A cat in the hat poet
A; three words in a line don’t rhyme but you will respect my flow poet
So bad to the bone ink knows its place; won’t dare smear Poet

You, take baby steps, Poet.
Write how you feel, Poet.
Don’t worry about performing, just free yourself, Poet.
Your rhymes will come
Your flow will follow
No memorization necessary
Write what you see, Poet.
You, just be who you already be…
Use your gift


I Am


, , ,

I am the I am
That you are who you be
Everything you is & what you are
Is contained within me.

You are nothing.

Yet you strive to provide ever wise counsel to me

I am the I am
The creator and finisher
The being that ever was and never will cease to be
Yet you continually try to confine me within the box of reason
Despite me giving you reasons
That I am the I am

So go ahead and test me –
See if I won’t pour down a blessing large enough that you won’t have room enough to receive it!

I can show you better than I can tell you
But first
you must prepare for me

– I want you empty.

So empty that you crave me
So empty that you call out my name in the still of the night
Feel the wind graze your cheek and you know it was me


Like a worthless
earthen vessel
once used for vile ex-cre-ment
Now cleansed by the blood of
the sacrificial lamb and
filled with treasure

I want you empty.

So empty, I can convict you
And pour into you
And dwell in you
And stir you
And comfort you
And be alive to you
And make a –

temple out of you.

I am the I am
Who will, forever be
The Only, “What”- truly is
and I want to fill you

But I can’t pour into a glass that’s already full
A house that’s already occupied
A shoe that has a foot
or sit in a seat that’s taken

So I ask,
What are you placing above me?
What are you not entrusting to me?

Do you choose to remain in doubt, driven as a wave tossed in the wind?

Taste and See that I am good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in me

The I Am.

The Am who makes you
to be everything you is,
– what you are
The Am
who contains you within me

I am
the I am
That you are who you be
Everything you is & what you are
Is contained within me.

Without me, You are nothing.
Through me you are Everything

I am.



You got me.
What would you have me to say?

In what pattern would you instruct these lips made of flesh
to waltz?.

With your spirit

Breath of my lungs flows concurrently insinc with
Whispers of wind originating from
heaven’s open window
Which glares loving

At me.

Pleasantly yet ferociously prodding my lips to move.
My pen to write
My fingers to type
In an act of lyrical desperation I scribe: “All I got is one mic!”

Unable to adequately form words and phrases exaulting you in poetic praises
In new,

I’m feeling
All I’ve got is one mic
& one me
& In this moment

What would you have me to say?

Love Spell 67


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“Love Spell 67”

I have fallen utterly & completely in love with Christ
My heart swells with the anticipation of each new kiss
Like a teenaged girl,
my nose is wide open and everything smells like HolySpirit
I find myself drifting into Daydreams
about how we can take our relationship to the next level
I gaze blissfully at “Footsteps in the Sand” posters and giggle
It’s just like my Lord to post a Classified Ad for the world to see…

“He likes; Long walks on the beach
&occasionally walking on water”

I’m hearing old R&B Hits in new ways looking for any excuse to have his name on my lips
Oh, it tastes so sweet
Singing off key remixednlovednsongs to my King

“He got me Feenin….Feeeeenin
for the next time I’ll stand in his grace

Bowing low at the alter
Arms raised to the sky
– Hold me
– Hug me
Cover me in you
Yearning for the touch of the master
Nobody does me like you

Your touch is so gentle,
Yet it rocks me so deep
I can’t help but call out your name:
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!


He got INto me.

My skin radiates an evervesint peaceful glow of splendor marking your Holy touch
Folks are saying, “There’s something about her,” I just can’t…
explain the change but I know you got INto me & I permeate you

I told all my homegirls ’bout the new man in my life
How we reconnected and ever since everything’s been right
Jazzy’s got her groove back
I didn’t give him my baggage, I allowed him in & he took it
He purged hurts
He cleansed dirt
He pulled me out of me and into him as we merged into one
He entrusted me with his love and adoration
He went before me to prepare a place for me before his Father, our Father, my Father
He made me his bride

And I.
And I.
And I am completely and utterly in love with Christ.



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Word is bond
On my mama
On my son
that ain’t me

You’re mistaken; Perhaps you
Confused me with him over there
Or she standing near
– We have the same name,
– but our walk ain’t the same

I assure you.
The Devil is a lie!
But, I …

Not-the-one-your’re- looking-for.

Visit the past
Read through my jacket
Check my bedpost for tallies
Snoop Around
Private Eye
Ask people, they knew me.
I partied, I drank, I said
let their be WHIN’ing if there’s no Rum & Coke
But it’s deeper.

I was teased & rejected
Deemed flawed to the standards of those of standard issue
I. Was.
Unable to match my “me-ness” to their “expected-ness”
Falling short of a goal I never knew I had
Functioning in the realm of: “You tell me who I be”
So I can morph and take on that burden
That title
That personhood

Of … The kid with the annoying voice so I’m self-conscious
Of … The kid with the crooked jaw so I’m never filmed
Of … The kid who acts white – so I get gully!
Of … The kid who has health issues others can’t see so I deem myself a liar
Of … The kid who is molested and simply wants their power back
Of …

The kid.
Who looks at a baby picture and longs to reset
To be born-again
Made pure-again
Receive life for the first time, through the lungs
Lady. You’ve got the wrong person.

It’s not me.

God Piece


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I was a woman
Before I was black
Before I was named
Before I was Jaz

But after me there were men.



I am still woman

I have historically been charicterized as
woe to the Man
as a threat to the Kingdom

so I am silenced.

I am woman hear me MOAN.
…but only if youre lucky.

Underestimate the power
entrusted within me
by the creator that be
the greatest

he (or maybe she)
gave me
twin ova-ries
to develop mini life spirits inside my —


I am woman hear me Moan.
will NOT silence me
purely because I am she
I will speak. Loud
& Audibly

before I was human
before I was american
before I was black
before the doctor slapped my butt to make me cry
I was a woman
& this is my plight

Woe! To the man
who silenced the voice
The woman, she speaks.
in whispers
in silence

I will speak, she says.
& not just when spoken to

I am
not your punching bag
I am
more than your sex toy
I am
the smartest in the room
& I’m sick of dumbing myself down.

I have a voice.

Before I was born I was a woman
& you judged me

Weak.Inferior. Subsurvient. Emotional.
Weak.Inferior. Subsurvient. Emotional.
Weak.Inferior. Subsurvient. Emotional.
Weak.Inferior. Subsurvient. Emotional.


I am
the smartest in the room
& I’m sick of dumbing myself down.

Even through emaculent conception
The Creator used me
twin ovaries
you choose to misuse me?

Woe! To the man
who brings hurt upon God’s kingdom

I am no Vic-Tim

Not by him
Not by he

I am she

before I was spirit
before I was egg
before I was fetus I
I was named

by him.




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all the worlds a stage and I’m just another speck on it
but this speck was given one mic
and it’s gone viral
so I’m multiplying it
and dividing its factorials
by bots and drones
following and befriending
my YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog & twitter

I got that feeling that
I’m being watched
daps or sullied soul claps
(all the same)
feel the cool breeze from my wing flaps

I’m Flyyyyyy

her royal Flyyness to be exact.

and I vowed never to perform another negative piece
because all the worlds a stage and I’m just another speck on it
that’s gone viral
I’ve been N’spyred
Received a vision
accepted the torch
now I’m going to RUN FOREST! RUN!
until I can’t run no more.
spreading positive vibes and smiles
until my heart don’t beat no more
silence Me
and my actions will STILL speak louder than words

I will blaze a trail
Lift as I climb
You ain’t never met a visionary with faith and determination
as cold as mine!

positivity .

The WEB Effect


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I have seen it said many places that walking through a spider’s web is both the most desperate AND dumbest time of a humans existence.

This brief act creates a moment of fragility where the subject unkowingly enters the fight of their life with an invisible object that simply will not go away. The web aims directly for the face. Despite years of graceful flailing, the silky strands of doom seem to temporarily cut off air restriction as they wrap around your nose and lips.

No one can help you.

As onlookers watch empathetically (with stifled giggles) all you can say is, “Watch out, there’s a spider’s web,” as you pretend to pick remnants of it off your arms. However we both know, you destroyed it.

The WEB Effect:

Once an individual becomes aware of the world within the world, it is akin to a veil being lifted from their eyes which cannot be glued back on.

I have just summarized the philosophy of The Veil in “The Soul of Black Folk” by great thinker (philosopher) W.E.B DuBois.

Let’s revisit our individual with the Spider’s Web attack!
After enough attacks this person may begin to change their outlook, and start to see the not so hidden world of spiders. This world is perfectly visible, and coincides with ours. It’s up to him/her what is done with the new sensory information.

They may:
a) Knock all webs down
b) Walk around them
c) Become spiderman

The point is: Once the veil is off, no matter the subject, you cannot put it back on. Many don’t know they are wearing a veil while others are too intimidated to live in the new world they see after it’s been removed.

Which are you?